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Landscape Design and Construction

Your landscaping is the welcome mat into your home.   A beautiful, cohesive landscaping plan can make the area outside your home a joyous, inviting  place for your family and friends.

We can help you develop a plan to renovate existing landscaping or completely change the feel of the outside of your house.  Our team of Landscape Designers and Installers know their plants and can help you choose what is right for your area and conditions.

What Does Your Garden Grow?

Many homeowners want native plants for their gardens.  We are experts in the native plants of our area and know where to plant them so they will be healthy and provide continuous beauty to your home. We also know you might want a different kind of look for your garden.

For that reason, we have suppliers that get us plants from different regions (like Florida) so you can have that custom look for your yard. Gardens are much more then plants.  Our Landscape Designers understand soil, drainage and irrigation.  They can help you improve your soil conditions, install irrigation and sprinkler systems and improve drainage on your property.  If you need a retaining wall they can do that too!

Setting the Mood with Outdoor Lighting

Great outdoor lighting can help make your family feel safe, plus it shows off your beautiful garden. Our Landscape designers can plan the perfect lighting for your property that accentuates your gorgeous new landscape design or custom pool.

Pathway Potential

The walkway from the curb to your house and the pathways in your backyard can make a lasting first impression.  We have many kinds of materials to make those pathways your own.  We also have the expert installers to ensure they are put in right and will last a lifetime.

Last but not least, we offer lawn maintenance services so your landscape will stay as beautiful as the day it was planted.

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